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Total financial commitment for the project: 205,000 euros over five years

Cuore Balcani makes up part of the regional programmes and is co-financed by the Region of Tuscany and the "Un Cuore, Un Mondo" Association.
The Project renews, establishes and strengthens the relationships that, for many years now, have witnessed the collaboration between the Ospedale del Cuore Pasquinucci (Pasquinucci Heart Hospital) and some of the Balkan states.
The Progetto P.I.S. brings innovation to the general approach of the international health collaboration initiatives. It includes the implementation of a Telemedicina network (Web-on-line) between the Ospedale Pasquinucci in Massa, the health facilities of the Fondazione G. Monasterio (G. Monasterio Foundation) holding company and the paediatric cardiology departments of the main healthcare centres in some of the Balkan states including Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia, Albania, Montenegro and Serbia.
The primary objective is early foetal diagnosis of congenital heart disease, which will allow for the safe planning of subsequent operations. In other words, having diagnosed the severity of the heart condition, the online advisory service allows the Balkan Centre and the Ospedale Pediatrico in Massa to decide whether to transfer the mother (in utero transport) to Italy, or whether to induce the birth in her own country and schedule the operation for a later date.

The Telemedicina system will also be used for permanent online training of the clinical staff at the Balkan Clinical Centres. Together with the training programmes carried out in Italy, this will allow for the planning of an effective ongoing training schedule. The Telemedicina system is currently in operation at the Clinical Centres in the main cities in Bosnia Herzegovina (Banja Luka, Sarajevo, Tuzla and Mostar), at the Mother Teresa Clinical Centre in Tirana (Albania) and at the Kantrida Paediatric Hospital in Rijeka/Fiume (Croatia). The Progetto P.I.S. also offers development of the paediatric heart surgery centres (currently in Sarajevo, Tirana and Rijeka). It introduces an Italy-Balkans network system with dedicated equipment and staff, who research systems and programmes that constantly improve the quality and the services, in particular the achievement of foetal and neonatal diagnostics for congenital heart disease. Added to this, the Progetto P.I.S. aims to expand the project's operational area, in particular in the extended Mediterranean area which encompasses the Maghreb countries.


2007-2008-2009 (first phase)
Budget already spent: 105,000 euros

2010-2011 (second phase)
Estimated budget: 100,000 euros

It is very clear that the Progetto Cuore Balcani is a medium to long-term project. Even though the project costs are shared out amongst the associative and institutional members, they will still be very high. As a result, this will require a constant and continual commitment from the sponsors in the search for further funding and involvement. Contributions: these figures include the expenses needed for the opening of the Association's premises in Sarajevo, Banja Luka and Podgorica.

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