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International Collaboration

The Ospedale del Cuore Fondazione G. Monasterio (G. Monasterio Foundation Heart Hospital) has achieved a level of excellence in the treatment of paediatric heart and heart surgery diseases. Thanks to this excellence, "Un Cuore, Un Mondo" has been working closely with the Region of Tuscany for several years in relief initiatives for international health cooperation. The hospital at Massa carries out direct care to help heart disease children coming from poor countries. Alongside this, a professional refresher/training programme has been launched as part of these activities that aims to increase the professionalism and level of care of the local healthcare systems in some developing countries.

"Un Cuore, Un Mondo's" Big Heart

Over the last decade, "Un Cuore, Un Mondo" has opened itself up to completely different worlds and has done all it can to assist the children in the world suffering from heart disease. 
The most significant ventures that have thrust the Association onto the international stage are:


"Asia Baby"

Co-funded project to assist the Batticaloa Hospital (Sri Lanka) paediatric department, purchase healthcare equipment and perform surgical operations on children suffering from severe congenital heart defects at the Colombo national health service clinic in Sri Lanka.


Project based in Faenza for contributions to the Association to assist heart disease children from the Balkan states. These foreign patients come for treatment at Bologna hospital and the project offers them hospitality together with their families.

"Chain of Hope"

Foundation started in London thanks to Professor Magdi Yacoub's altruistic and professional spirit, operating mainly in central African and Middle Eastern countries. The founder, together with his collaborators, organises missions to the poorest countries in Africa and aims to carry out the most comprehensive screening possible on young patients suffering from heart disease. In some countries it is then possible to proceed with heart surgery and return the children to their families in a much healthier condition. In many cases, when it is not possible to perform surgery in the country of origin, the young patients are treated in English hospitals and the families are hosted by volunteers.

Micro Projects

Progetto "Kenya" ("Kenya" Projects)

Funding for the community of Ndugu Zangu set up in Kenya by Luigi Panzeri (or 'Nonno Luigi' as he is known). The project welcomes the many children who arrive in Massa for medical, heart or heart surgery treatments. Our paediatricians and cardiologists also carry out missions to Africa to provide training for the African staff and to carry out follow-up visits to children operated on in Italy.

Progetto "Palestina" ("Palestine" Project)

Collaborative project with the "Palestine Children Relief Fund" to carry out missions for heart operations on young patients hospitalised in the Makassed hospital in Jerusalem. The Association is currently funding the education and training of a Palestinian anaesthetist and resuscitator at this hospital.

Progetto "Yemen" ("Yemen" Project)

Collaborative project with the Al Tharwa di Sana'a (Yemen) hospital team for the treatment of complex paediatric heart disease. The project covers the travel expenses for the various missions of all medical and nursing staff from the Ospedale del Cuore Pasquinucci (Pasquinucci Heart Hospital) in Massa.


The Association has been encouraged by the excellent results attained in previous projects and by the appreciation shown by the national and international institutions with whom they have built up relationships over the course of the missions. With this in mind, the Association has decided to give an extra boost to these ventures by providing help and support to important new projects.

Listed below are the most recent international healthcare collaboration missions that "Un Cuore, Un Mondo" has been particularly involved in. They will need every effort and commitment even in the months and years to come.

Progetto PIS (PIS Project), Cuore Balcani (Balcani Heart)

Progetto Cuore Eritrea (Eritrea Heart Project)

Progetto Aquananda (Aquananda Project)

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