I volontari hanno come obiettivo di minimizzare i traumi psico-affettivi legati al ricovero del bambino


Our collaborators and volunteers represent our "human capital" and are the vital resource from which we can develop all of our support work.

After 17 years, "Un Cuore, Un Mondo" can rely on a network of seven collaborators who are dedicated, competent and motivated. They work at the office located within the Ospedale del Cuore (Heart Hospital) with the help of around thirty volunteers who donate a wealth of resources, talents, ideas and enthusiasm.

Everyone's aim is to minimise the psycho-affective traumas experienced by the children and their families during hospitalisation with the following activities available at the healthcare facilities:

  • assistance
  • information/orientation
  • support
  • entertainment
  • fun

Volunteering is open to anyone of legal age who wants to contribute their time for free to help young patients.

Each volunteer is required to commit to a two-hour shift once a week on the ward and to attend annual meetings with the various people responsible. This is to become familiar with training and to undertake a new non-therapeutic role in the healthcare facility. We need someone who is able to liaise discreetly and easily between the healthcare worker, the sick child and his/her parents to provide help, human warmth and conversation.

The volunteers are mainly involved in:

  • hospital assistance
  • fundraising events (e.g. packing Christmas boxes in the supermarkets, charity gifts, etc)
  • attività di assistenza in ospedale

    Our sponsors:
    • Palestra Spazio Vitale (Spazio Vitale Gym) – they have been dedicated to organising spinning classes for five years
    • FKS – Freefly Kickboxing School – they have been organising the FKS Fight For Heart for three years
    • A.S.D. Massasurfing – every year they print a calendar whose revenue goes to support "Un Cuore, Un Mondo's" projects
  • Activities aimed at giving information and raising public awareness of aid initiatives for children with heart disease.

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